I'm excited to present a workshop on inclusive design at CreateTech 2017. If you plan to attend or did attend the workshop, please let me know any feedback you have in the comments section.

For attendees of the workshop (and for anyone who visits this site), I have prepared some accessibility checklists to help you remember to make accessible choices when you are designing experiences for the web. These follow below. ...continue reading CreateTech 2017 Inclusive Design Workshop

Are you worried about 508 compliance? Do you have questions about how to meet web accessibility guidelines? Do you wonder what "ADA" and "WCAG" stand for? Here is a set of questions and answers that may help. I am commonly asked these questions. ...continue reading The “How not to get sued for inaccessibility” Q&A


If you read my recent post Usability should include accessibility, then you already know that I am struggling with our definitions of things like usability, when so many websites that are recognized as being usable are not accessible for people with disabilities. It seems like we should be replacing the word "usable" with the phrase "usable for people who can operate a mouse and have good vision." Is that last thing something to necessarily celebrate? ...continue reading Why accessibility compliance should be a criterion in web design awards


This article is part 2 of my series, how to do an accessibility audit. It will give you step-by-step instructions to test a complete website for accessibility compliance. It assumes that the website you are testing meets the following criteria:

  • The website has a content management system
  • The website consists of a set of templates and components that are reused across the site.

...continue reading Six things you need to audit your site for accessibility

If you have found this page, you must be looking for a way to ensure the content you put online is accessible. Congratulations. In this post, I will show you some quick tests you can do to accomplish this.

...continue reading How to do an accessibility audit, part 1, the quick test


If you care about your web content being accessible, try accessing it with a screen reader. Learning to use a screen reader is easier than ever. Both Windows and Mac operating systems (OS) have free screen readers available. This article refers to the Mac OS built-in screen reader, VoiceOver.
...continue reading How to use the VoiceOver screen reader

With this post I am bringing together some resources that I've been using for years, and sharing with my team. All developers will benefit from familiarizing themselves with these techniques. ...continue reading Accessible development resources…and one important tip