Inspire accessible experiences with positive reinforcement

Too often we share only the accessibility fails without talking about accessibility wins. I am planning to start incorporating some positive reinforcement stories in addition to the negative punishment stories that are so prevalent in the industry. Negative punishment is not working quickly enough!

Negative punishment is not working quickly enough

We have been hearing in Canada about accessibility compliance requirements since January 1, 2014, the date upon which all redesigned or new websites needed to comply with WCAG 2.0 level A guidelines. Roughly two years later, the vast majority of websites still have major, low-hanging-fruit accessibility issues. The picture is not much better in the United States.

The power of positive reinforcement?

So let's try injecting some positive reinforcement. With the advent of accessibility compliance laws in recent years, there must be some feel-good stories we can share about new access that users have to online functionality for the website properties that have made accessibility improvements. Let's celebrate these, and inspire designers and developers to do this with their own creations!

Leave a comment if you have experienced yourself, or heard a story of someone experiencing new access.

One thought on “Inspire accessible experiences with positive reinforcement

  1. lsnrae

    At a recent accessibility conference last November (Accessing Higher Ground), en route to China to work with an airline client on helping them meet the United States Department of Transportation (DoT) accessibility requirements, I heard an inspirational story from one of the conference speakers that reflected directly the impact of those new DoT requirements being met.

    The speaker described a friend of theirs who had called them on the phone and told them excitedly that they had just finished booking a flight online, and for the first time, they had been able to select their own seat.

    This might not seem like a big deal, but clearly the seat selection tool had been an interaction previously unavailable to them. It is actually a big deal. I enjoy picking my own seat, why wouldn't everyone? I was so gratified to hear of the basic ability this individual now had, to pick their own seat. I was excited that my work with the airlines in China would soon enable many more people to do the same thing.

    #newAccess #accessGranted


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